Aditya Bidikar

Comic Book Letterer

The Best of Daily Fiction

Coming soon.

Daily Fiction was a project I did for around a year and a half starting 2010. A story every weekday for a year, with occasional hiatuses, that would take us to a total of 250 stories. That was the plan.

Life got busy, the hiatuses got longer and longer, and the site ground to a halt at 229 stories. Then my lease on the website ran out, and for the next two years, all the stories sat in a database backup on my computer, until in 2016, I put them all up on the previous version of this website.

Except … they weren’t all good. It was fine when you were reading them one at a time, but all together, it was a bit rough.

So I’m now editing them down to a manageable best-of collection based on the ones people really enjoyed, and some that I enjoyed of some eye-rolling from people.

I’ll be offering this collection on a pay-what-you-want basis. This was never something I intended to make money off, but if you have a good time, you should feel free to drop some cash.

Just … hold on a bit till I get this done.