Aditya Bidikar

Comic Book Letterer

These Savage Shores

with Ram V, Sumit Kumar and Vittorio Astone, published by Vault Comics.

Notes: These Savage Shores, while being set in the 18th century, is a very modern book, in its conception and execution. So for this book, I decided to put aside complete historical accuracy (in such things as the style of the letters being written by the characters, and documents produced from the age) and try to convey the feel of the era while retaining a unifying style with the artwork and colours. My focus was to maintain readability and to imply the era in a way that the reader could make their own connections. I also created the typeface used by Bishan in his letters back home in issue 3, inspired by uncial lettering and the Malayalam script.

These Savage Shores #1

These Savage Shores #2

These Savage Shores #3

These Savage Shores #3