Aditya Bidikar

Comic Book Letterer

Motor Crush

with Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, Heather Danforth, Tom Muller and Jennifer Smith, published by Image Comics.

Notes: For Motor Crush, Babs wanted manga-inspired balloons and a bouncy, natural rhythm to the placements. In addition, Babs did most of the sound effects, so any additional effects I did needed to match hers. I also chose to digitally hand-draw all the balloons in the book, and break open balloons to the gutters where necessary.

Motor Crush also contains graphic overlays and captions by designer Tom Muller.

Additionally, Motor Crush #6 was an all-flashback issue drawn by Cameron, so for that one, I used a mix of more traditional American comics lettering and the style we’d already established.

Motor Crush #2

Motor Crush #4

Motor Crush #5

Motor Crush #6