For a while after they abolished the concept of second-hand gods, things worked fine. Having a faith based on data degrading over centuries had impaired many an outlook, and when the World Government marked the problem as solved, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

The basic concept was that everyone would create a personal deity based on their own preferences. Parents would not be allowed to create deities for their children.

Agencies sprang up where people could buy deities. Although the idea was optional, a lot of people did it from a sense of envy for those who had one. A customised deity from one of the well-known design houses became fashionable. An industry developed.

This is where it got problematic. People began to connect based on similar deities. Online forums were started for comparison and advice. People began to visit gurus and form communes for deities of similar disposition. It wasn’t called religion, but it looked very much like it.