Workplace Romance

Jai was working in a bookstore to put himself through college. He manned the check-out counter, and passed his time making up back-stories for everyone who bought books from the store.

Over a period of three weeks, he grew fascinated with a beautiful girl who kept coming to the bookstore. She always smiled at him and, later on, started asking him how he was doing while he checked her books out for her.

Jai ran up her membership card in the system and listed out the books she had bought. After work hours, he sat and read through them till he was sure he could bore the pants off anyone talking about them.

One day, while totalling up her books, he asked her out for dinner. She thought for a moment and then said yes.

When they got to the restaurant and were settled in, he casually slipped in a reference to one of the books she had bought, and mentioned that he had noted it because it was one of his favourites.

“Oh, all those books are for college,” she said. “I’ve been studying them all term. Can we talk about something else?”

He excused himself to go to the bathroom, and he did not return.

But he had forgotten that she knew where he worked.