The streets had representatives that were maliciously named streetwalkers by the heathen. But the name stuck, and it came to mean something new.

The streetwalkers were mostly homeless people who were possessed by the street they lived in. You would see them shuffling around in a daze, looking up at the sky. Devotees would lay offerings of food or fruit at their feet. If they were hungry, they would sit down and listlessly chew on it as if it was pre-masticated bread. If they weren’t hungry, they usually stepped on it.

At times, you would see converted children, walking with the same gait as the homeless people. Sometimes they would be followed by their parents who tried to take care of them as much as possible. The look in some of these parents’ eyes could break your heart.

The walkers slept in the middle of the road, to be close to their deity. There were policemen allotted to every street who would arrange traffic cones around them to save them from being run over.

They would murmur in their sleep, caressing the road. And they were always greeted by breakfast and water when they woke up.