The Last Tall Tale (Part 5 of 6)

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The mayor set up the Hieronymus transmitter in his office and connected it to his little torture chamber. Every creature that heard the screams would be disintegrated. He amplified the signal by routing it through the realms of hell, where dead souls added their feedback to it.

The signal would be output from 23 stations, and would be heard around the world. This was scheduled for midnight.

Just before midnight, the Hero staggered out of a bar, drunk out of his skull. The bar was beside Town Hall, and had been scheduled for relocation for a long time. For a second, the Hero was confused when he saw Town Hall, but then realised something so beautiful and pure could only be his home, and he walked into the building.

He walked past the Valkyrie in the waiting room, he walked past the rows of monks walking in the corridors, and he came to the room where he believed his apartment would be. The mayor was napping at his desk, and his secretary was too engaged in paperwork to noticed the interlocutor. The Hero walked into the next room, unzipped, and pissed.

By cosmic accident, that was where the Hieronymus transmitter’s plug-point was, where it drew energy from heaven. It short-circuited, and the eloptic energy feedback coursed through the Hero, who shat his pants and screamed.

The mayor woke up and ran into the room, and tried to pry the Hero away, but got himself incinerated in the bargain. The eloptic energy disappeared into the mayor’s body, and a moment later, the suit was all that was left.

The Hero looked at it for a moment, and he threw up. Following that, he passed out.