The Last Tall Tale (Part 2 of 6)

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When the announcement regarding the end of things was made, Oglaf the Human Giant had just had a dinner of three villages and was picking his teeth with an oak tree. He heard the announcement and whistled to his faithful dog Itsy, which came bounding down the countryside, creating a valley in its wake.

“Will you be needing the sword?” Oglaf shouted to the new mayor.

“We’ll leave that for later, I think,” said the mayor, after the storm created by Oglaf’s breath had passed.

Oglaf and Itsy sauntered into town (the earthquake caused by this sank the Western Coast) and waited for the other harbingers to arrive.

In the meantime, after turning off the sky, the mayor shut down the railway system, and had the railway guardian spirit locked up with the old mayor. He also had Oglaf sit on the power station, and the town was plunged into darkness.

The mayor sent a pigeon to carry word to his counterparts in 22 other towns around the world. The pigeon returned at dusk.

In 23 towns scattered all over Earth, the heralds of the Final Day began to trickle in. The young man wearing a suit made of bone decided to give his boss an update.