The Inflatable Date

Announcing, from the creators of the revolutionary Play-Doh Pet and the single-wheel jeep, an easy solution for those lonely evenings when all your friends suddenly decide to have lives of their own, and your fundamental unloveability prevents any rational human being from being attracted towards you. We bring, especially for you, sir/madam, THE INFLATABLE DATE.

Easy to carry around, can be inflated in any restaurant washroom, designed to pretend to make love to you at the washroom counter just in case someone walks in.

Will insist on paying for dinner*, will dance if you wish to, will let you take goofy-faced photos of the two of you on your phone camera and, best of all, will shut up when you want it to.

* Automatically commits your credit card number and signature to memory for best results.

This is one date you can take anywhere and it will be as pleased as you want it to be. Ever had a place you wanted to check out with someone but were afraid people you know would look at you odd? No fear – you now have company!

Comes with convenient carrying case. Can be deflated and folded up within 45 seconds.