The Graveyard of Half-Baked Ideas

— When Americans want to die, they take a lot of pills and drive off a bridge. The Japanese take part in a gameshow.

— The year 2150. The branch manager of a company splits from the main company in a reenactment of a war of ancient tribes. Spasms felt all over the world.

— You look so beautiful when you kill.

— Book titles: The Gordon Chew What Actually Happened Book. The Bullshit Syndicate. Rich Babies Almost Dead. Fear of Fucking.

— The year 2150. Latest popular pick-up line: I find conformity very sexy.


— If typing on a phone could save the world, then my cousin Neha would be a hero. As it turned out, she is.

— The year 2150. An alien species which colonises earth by possessing all the dead flesh. Articulate zombies who are smarter than us.

— One day, I’ll crash through this glass window and I’ll be able to fly. I just have to wait for the right god.

— Anxiety fiction. A poet of the dust. The devil’s bartender. A chimp with dentures. A skeleton posing as a human being. Vaginauts. A sentient headache.

— The year 2150. I finally get an umbrella that turns into a helicopter.