The Eclecticist

E teetered on the brink of mental collapse at the best of times. Having total control of the world wasn’t a big responsibility, but it was something that can easily go to a man’s head.

There was a time when he conducted most of his business from a hospital where he was doped up for his own protection. The way he and Paula knew that his ability was genuine was that it didn’t go away with the drugs. Sadly, only the two of them noticed it, she because he had trained her over the years.

Once a week, Ali would break into the hospital to let E out. E would shake his head and smile through his mask (which the administration let him keep because no one could take it off). The next week, Ali would try again, having forgotten his previous attempts.

It was still a good life. E would get emails from Presidents and Secret Authorities and Dead Celebrities who had blinked back into existence with just a letter of the alphabet in their heads.

E knew that when he broke out, it would be a spectacle. He would pay homage to his Heroes. He would escape with Guns Blazing and Anonymous Villainous Henchmen dying. A Giant Masked Man would climb up a Tall Building with a Gleefully Screaming Woman in one hand. There would be Spitfires, UFOs. Jesus would Come Again (and good for him). And there would be a Poignant Death and Tears that turned into Pearls (they hadn’t assigned parts for this one yet).

It wouldn’t be remembered by the world, but it would still be fun. And next week, E would put in an application to work from home.