Streets of Gold

Amrathea (pop. 2): Amrathea is a city in [censored] in South America. The name means ‘The Golden Kingdom’. This is where the myth of El Dorado is said to have originated. Independent researchers have reported that the streets of Amrathea are paved with stones made of a material that looks and acts like gold. The [censored] commission has learnt not to make assumptions on this basis, but researchers working for the commission have displayed an uncommon enthusiasm for exploratory journeys to Amrathea. After the [censored] incident, these have been summarily rejected.

Amrathea is currently occupied by two old [censored] that are, to all intents and appearances, human beings. They control the weather and the physical structure of Amrathea by means of gestures and verbal commands that have been designated ‘magic’ for reasons of convenience.

The commission has attempted exploratory missions to Amrathea, but the members of each trip are currently occupying the hazardous biology section of the complex. It is the recommendation of this analyst that there be an attempt to learn Amrathean sign language before making further trips. The guardians of the danger room have confirmed their full support for such trials.