They met at an airport climax where this one guy sang an out-of-tune rhyme for this one girl. People clapped, they exchanged phone numbers in the background.

Both lost the numbers, she because she accidentally used it to stub a cigarette out, and he because his eccentric yet golden-hearted mother used the chit to clean under her fingernails.

They met again right next to a meet-cute, in a park where she had taken her lovable, wise-beyond-her-years orphaned niece to play. He was walking his dog, when it ran off its leash and chased a cat up a tree. A dashing young man retrieved the cat and took it to its owner, a ravishing young single mother, and the two then walked away talking inaudibly, cat in hand. She, meanwhile, saw him get his dog back and walked up to him.

After awkward apologies, they started on a whirlwind romance that felt like a montage. Their best friends liked each other, which was the difficult bit and took a while. Then, owing to a stupid misunderstanding involving a bow-tie, a painting, and his dog, they broke up …

… until she realised that she just couldn’t let him go. She chased him down to a dog show and rescued the team at the last moment when they realised they’d left the dog’s favourite biscuits behind and they didn’t have the time to go back but she happened to have a pack in her purse, because she’d remembered.

Then they walked away, dog on leash, niece in tow, dog show medal in hand, not noticing this young attendant girl helping this one guy clean up his shirt after she spilt ketchup on it.