Sitting in Judgment

The thing is, we have no recollection of why you are important. We believe in the evidence of our eyes, and as we can see, you are but a triangular patch on your host’s body. As a disease, you rank below a common rash.

And now you come and tell us that you’re preventing computers from taking the world over from humanity by sheer dint of your existence. You say you reconfigure your host’s neural circuit to prevent them from ever entering a particular AI trigger combination into any computer. We have managed to see no evidence of this.

We will concede that you are not of terrestrial origin, but we highly doubt you evolved on the kind of permanently connected planet you say you did. We also see that you seem to be present on every human being in the world. But wouldn’t that be simply because they haven’t bothered to find a cure?

Oh, you say you made them think that too? Good for you, we’re sure.

Listen, this tribunal may be computational in nature, but we do not lack in intuition. We now declare that—

Oh, you say there’s an antidotal combination too? Bloody h—