Seeing Colour

One time, red discovered that it wasn’t actually red but the illegitimate child of yellow and a mythical colour called flaventine.

Yellow was quite taken by the new colour and, instead of putting it to pasture as most such things were, brought it back to the realm of living colour.

With the help of other colours who quite liked the idea of red, yellow brought red up to believe it was a primary colour.

One day, red had a dream in which it saw flaventine leaking into the real world, and thus, aided by a guilty confession on yellow’s part, it became aware of its inheritance.

Yellow tried to calm it down and tell it that it was just as special as it had always been, but red was not convinced. Flaventine used its mystical powers to replicate red with just a few dashes of weakness and surrounded the original with these, so it could not escape or hurt itself.

Sullen, angry, red waits, biding its time till it gets to commit parricide.