Scene of the Crime

“Hello, Watson? Yes, it’s me. Can you hear me clearly? Yes, the connection isn’t very good. Have you reached the scene?

“Okay, good. I think I’ve cracked the case. The notebook on the desk where Mrs. Emerson supposedly slit her own throat. Can you see it? Lovely. There was a pen holder to the left of it. And a pen lying between that and the notebook. Can you confirm?

“Good. That, Watson, means that she used the pen before she died. Which in turn means that she was left-handed.

“And the cut began on the left side of her throat, not on her right. And that is important because when a left-handed person cuts his own throat, he would start from the right side of the throat.

“So yes, Lestrade was right to be suspicious. It was indeed no suicide. Someone cut Mrs. Emerson’s throat from behind.

“Who did it? Well, that would be obvious. It was Mr. Emerson.

“Yes, him. You don’t have to shout it back to me; I will explain how I know.

“Oh, you’re with him right now? Oh I see. Can’t you even leave the room to talk?

“Watson? Watson?