Saving the World Is for Tossers

Yes. That was me. I was the one who said to her, “You can do better than him.” Why does everyone want to come here and rub my nose in it?

How was I to know he was going to save the world? To me, he was just another supercilious bastard, okay? I’m not gonna be proud that his girlfriend worked at my bar. She didn’t do a sodding thing to save the world.

Listen, kid. Let me tell you something about how the world rolls. Sometimes, you step into shit, and sometimes you find a penny on the pavement. This was one of my shit days, alright? Now if everyone just lets me be, who knows, maybe I’ll save the world someday. And I’ll bet you all won’t remember this then.

No, no. I’m not issuing this as a fucking challenge. No, really.


Look, here’s one on the house. Just … don’t mention that bit to anyone, okay?