Revenge Is a Dish that Tastes Like Chicken

So hungry. I hate my neighbour. Been locked up in his basement for three days. So cold.

He called me over for a drink on Saturday. I thought he didn’t know about what I’d done. He told me how Jill hadn’t come home in a week. How much he missed her.

Then suddenly I started feeling sleepy and weak. And then he told me how he’d found her little bones buried in my backyard. How he could see that I’d cooked her and eaten her.

I tried to tell him how tempting she’d been. Always padding in and out of my house. I’d even tried to close the catflap to resist the temptation, but she’d mew and paw at the door till I let her in. But I don’t know if I managed to say all of this. Whatever he’d put in my drink made me bleary.

And when I woke up, I was in his basement. He’s got a little speaker in here. He told me how he’d investigated other missing pets in the neighbourhood, and found a lot of bones apart from Jill’s.

And he plays these sounds – cats mewing, puppies barking. He says he’ll let me out after a week, but he’ll also play me a few videos in the meantime.

God, so hungry.