Real Life

You never really know what it means to be alive until you’ve died. Which is why we at RealLife Inc. give you the authentic death experience, implanted in your brain without you having to even leave your couch.

Just call us on our toll-free number, and our certified RealLife experts will gather data regarding your favourite mode of death, and engineer a memory implant, tailored to your needs.

You can pick your death from a varied catalogue of accidents, peaceful psychosomatic attacks, deaths on momentous occasions, or even in the battlefield. Just choose one, and then – an afterlife, eternal darkness, a ladder of light – anything that you desire to make your life more worth living.

Worried that a loved one just does not appreciate life as much as they should? RealLife also comes in the form of gift coupons, the perfect birthday present for the special people in your life. Remind them that they were only born once. Give them a new lease of life. A RealLife.