Putting into Practice

It is better to be ambitious and fail than to aim low and succeed. We have followed this lesson in our campaigns.

In our first campaign, our motto was: ‘Trying to give you free fish.’ We meant it in the biblical sense – that we were trying to perform modern miracles. But our rivals turned it around by basing their campaign around teaching people to fish rather than giving them temporary fish.

We tried to save our campaign by getting famous cooks to trot out their favourite fish recipes and changing the slogan from ‘fish’ to ‘delicious fish’. It was a disaster, trying to feed fish meals to that many potential voters.

The new campaign is based around a promise to build a large mountain in the middle of the city. We’re trying to make it the tallest mountain in the world. Our rivals have countered with the allegation that it would erode and wash over the city when it rains. We’re trying to see about adhesives right now. Maybe something about boosting the nation’s economy with gum. Or maybe something about sticking with it.