Prince of People

Ben’s life changed when he fell between the cracks of a pavement.

After the initial disorientation, he found that life in the cracks was not all that bad. There was Marty Mouse who, there was heard tell, masturbated over a block of cheese he kept at home. Billy Bandicoot knew the way around and showed Ben to the market.

Fitzgerald the cat was sheriff but generally snoozed a lot and waved his paws around when he was hungry.

Ben became known as holding-stuff guy. There were cracks in the cracks and the others would call him when things fell down there. He was also instrumental in pulling down pieces of bread that fell over two tiles of pavement.

Billy said he sometimes heard Ben crying out in his sleep, but that was okay because Billy missed his mother too.

Ben never knew the warmth of human arms again, but made do with fur.

There was a big funeral when Ben died. He’d been the weirdest breed of animal they’d ever seen and he was slightly quirky with all his talk about above and below. But he’d had opposable thumbs, and it was a pity to have lost him.