“There is no way Major Butthead will be able to transcend the laws of time itself to deliver the package to the Prince.”

“This is typical of you, Lance Corporal. Every time Major Butthead takes on an impossible task, you feel this need to—”

“—note that it is impossible? But just think. Providing the Prince with what he needed three nights ago. Preventing the collapse of the nation. Preventing the nuclear holocaust. No one can do that.”

“If anyone can, it is Major Butthead. He is the one who rescued the five-eyed rhinoceros from the eye-eating witch of Padban.”

“The one who forced the Kraken to part with the 95-sided diamond by performing the Heimlich Maneuver.”

“And in these dark times, he is the only one who can stop World War Three.”

“By giving the Prince his pills.”

“Well, when you put it like that. But you know how His Majesty gets when he’s got a rumbly stomach.”

“Yeah. God bless Major Butthead.”