A dog howls outside my window. I notice that its howl is set in a 10-second repeated loop. Every howl sounds exactly the same. They’re watching me. And I know they’re pissed off.

Since I turned against them, I knew it was a matter of time before they discovered. I think of logging in to check my authorisations, but I know they’ll be watching those too.

I was what you might call a ‘writer’. I made up stuff for a living. Mostly sports, till they bumped me up to the front page. But for the last two months, I had been inserting coded messages into the news to tell people that everything they read was fake. That they lived inside of a lie.

Some people read it right. They started talking to me at the secret address I inserted into my encrypted messages. There was always the chance that someone at Org would read it and talk to me. I decided it was worth it. And now it had happened.

The dog’s howls are getting closer. He now sounds like he’s just ten feet away. Which is funny, because I live on the fifth floor. I file my story for tomorrow morning. In it, a warning that my address has been compromised. A warning to disband. A goodbye message.

Org will believe it. But this time, the code is fake too. We’ve been meeting in real life, my ragtag group and I. Org will not expect that. Org doesn’t think in real life.