One More Cup of Coffee

“Last one, I promise.”

“Okay, I guess. But I really gotta go after this one.”

“Me too. I have to get my team in line. Can’t do it if I’m just half awake.”

“Yeah, my lunchtime’s now lasted … two hours. I’m gonna get fucked when I get back.”

“Of course. But be honest, you needed it too.”

“True. My boss gives me a headache just by being around.”

“Mine’s quite nice. Lets me muck about as much as I like as long as I get stuff done.”

“Lucky you. So what’s been going on with the kid? I hear he’s having ‘learning problems’.”

“Oh, not really. He just hates schoolwork. We just have to keep him floating till we get to the exams. He does quite well there. Just happens to think the teachers are morons. So this is a sort of compromise. How about yours?”

“She’s … hang on. This one’s over. One more?”