During the day, the spindly-legged monsters slept in garbage cans. They ate the refuse thrown to them, and at night, they came out to play.

They walked streets trodden by human feet, they smelled the human scent and bounded about pretending to be humans.

They held banana skins to their ears and waved at each other while talking into the ether. They looked at their wrists, not knowing why. They gazed up into the sky and waited for ‘ding’ sounds before they crossed empty streets, jostling one another.

They phase-shifted into parked cars and sat behind the wheel, waiting at imaginary signals, waving random digits in the air and giggling.

They reenacted streetfights, tore each other’s limbs off. And when the fight was over, they sat on the pavements, figuring out the owners of all the limbs and screwing them back on.

Finally, after staggering back to their stoops with empty beer bottles in their hands, they grinned and got back into their garbage cans, waiting for the sun to rise so they could have a final yell at it before resting.