Leave Me the Fuck Alone

Mr. Toro liked to be lonesome. Every little bit of money he could save he put aside in his effort to be by himself. He worked from home, of course.

He learned to cook, and to fix the electrical fittings and the plumbing in his house, all by reading up on the internet. He even built himself headphones to cut out the noise. He had a blog where he ranted about the existence of people. Comments were disabled.

Before he finally bought the island, he had a long, hard think. But he found nothing that would change his mind. He had a mansion built by an architect who was willing to work from one-sided instructions forwarded through an anonymised email address.

When Mr. Toro moved to the island, his hand paused over the emergency lever installed by the architect in the doorway of the mansion, with a hand-written note saying ‘just in case’ above it.

Then he pulled the lever out.