Invisible Accident

An invisible man by the name of Citrus Punk was brought to the ER with grave injuries all down his left side. A specialist of invisible surgery, Dr. Farrah Tenenbaum, was incidentally in town for a secret conference (secret partly due to the general public’s apathy towards invisible people) and was brought in to operate on Mr. Punk.

It seems Mr. Punk was a bit of a thrillseeker. His latest pursuit was standing in the middle of the highway in front of speeding vehicles and jumping to the side when they had almost reached him without, of course, slowing down for the invisible man in the road. The accident was caused by a driver who saw a leaf floating stationary in the air and swerved to avoid it, unfortunately heading in the same direction as the leaf, which was later recovered from behind Mr. Punk’s ear during the operation.

His parents, Mirador Punk and Bolividus Punk, waited outside the operation theatre. Their presence was reported by a nurse who also noted, “Tears in the air, man. Bloody freakshows.”