I Want to Hate People When I Grow Up

For Trisha, Chetan and Alpana. Based on an idea by Trisha.

I want to have a bookshop when I grow up. No, I don’t want to sell books. Who wants that? I just want a bookshop.

I want to sit in the bookshop and do nothing all day. Yes, sometimes I will read, but mostly I will do nothing. That is my ambition. It’s a bookshop. It’ll be mellow.

No, I won’t work. Why would I want to do any work? I’ll have an assistant. Ming the Merciless. I have a Ming toy and I keep trying to tear his beard off. I want to see if it’s real. I know – Ming will work and I’ll be his beard-checker. That’s a good job.

My friend Fran wants to own a shop too. We played doctor a few days ago. I was the patient and Fran beat me up. I don’t think that’s how you play doctor. I hate Fran.

How will I eat? One day, last week, when I wouldn’t sleep, my ma gave me some wine. I want to drink wine when I grow up. Actually, I want some wine now. Ma!

She’s not answering. Hang on. Dad! Is ma still alive?

Oh, okay. Ma!