Listen, I’m sorry about that bomb. I know it was important to you, and having it fizzle out in the middle of the hostage situation just when you were trying to carry out your threat to the city government must have put you in a bind.

But it’s just rude to imply that I’m a police plant. If I was, do you think I would have made all those bombs for you? I admit none of them actually, y’know, exploded, but it’s the sentiment that counts, isn’t it?

Yes, yes, I know that automatic lock-pick didn’t work either. But you were using it wrong! I just forgot to tell you that I’d accidentally put the button panel the wrong way round. You kept pressing the off switch.

No, no, I understand you think I haven’t made a very good henchman, but I promise you I will make sure you escape from jail and then I’ll make you the biggest supervillain in history. In fact, I’m working on this jetpack right now. The tests are going really well.

Oh, by the way, you’ll need recruit some new henchmen when you get out. No, they just … er … left because they couldn’t wait. Yes, your brother too. Sorry, boss, I gotta hang up now. Get ready to fly tonight. Uh, no? What do you mean, no?