Ghost Gun

Mr. Farma created one of the stealthiest murder weapons you might find. He read an article in an obscure magazine debating whether guns had souls. He decided they would.

He meditated for 21 days on a god he chose from an encyclopaedia, and when the god appeared to him, he asked for the boon to imbue with a soul anything that he wished to.

He blessed the wooden furniture in his living room, and then collected it all in his backyard and burnt it. When he went back in, he was greeted with the sight of flickering, seemingly insubstantial chairs. He could even sit on them as long as he willed them to be there. He noticed that the chipped leg of one of the remained chipped, even in the afterlife.

He then bought a gun (registration filed off) from a chap who knew a chap, and then, after blessing it with life, sat in his living room smashing it with a hammer till it lost all shape. He threw it away, and in its place got a beautiful, shining silver gun that would slip through his fingers if he didn’t concentrate on it.

Mr. Farma kept the gun away in a drawer, along with similarly fashioned ghost bullets, and then sat at his desk and made a list.