‘When I have enough money,’ Amu said, ‘I want to build a huge fishbowl in my living room that I can sit inside. It’ll be my safe place.’

‘Don’t you think a fishbowl would mean captivity more than anything else?’ I asked.

‘No. It will be my fishbowl. It will mean what I want it to. It will have a little table and chair, like a child’s study table. I’ll prop up my laptop on it. I think I’d like to work like that.’

‘I still think it’d be more like a prison.’

‘Oh, stuff yourself. You want to build a little fortress in your bedroom to sit and write.’

‘Yes, because it closes out the world. It won’t be a prison. It’ll be where I am free.’

‘And my fortress will be made of glass and it will have a large door that can only be closed from the inside.’

‘Oh, that’s clever. Can I borrow the door idea?’

‘Yeah, but you gotta pay me royalties on it.’

‘Hmph. I’ll do it and I won’t tell you.’

‘You think I won’t notice?’

‘Yeah, but I won’t let you in, see?’