Eating a Plum

For some reason, after we broke up, the first thing I did was eat a plum. And it made me feel good, you know. Not that you ever said anything about plums during our relationship. In fact, I don’t know your stand on plums at all. But I had to make a point. I ate a plum.

And then me and a few friends formed this club called Pretty People on Stilts. We rented a clearing every Saturday and went walking on stilts. Only pretty people allowed, and we would decide who qualified as pretty. You wouldn’t be allowed, just so you know.

And then we had more people joining up, because they got to walk around on stilts in a field, and because being there made them feel special. We got a larger field, and we had timed sessions, because we had to.

I know you see the badges our people wear. I know you’ve asked a couple of them about it, and they’ve told you about the main people, including me. And I know you’re thinking about trying to join. But however pretty you might be, you’re not invited!