Defence Strategy

The hostiles began using a new kind of attack strategy. They hijacked people’s brains and bodies and ponied up to their desired destinations and then changed the host’s physiognomy into theirs. An entire hostile posted as embedded code, and we would be doing all the infiltration on its behalf.

For a long time, our defence analysts could not find a way to counter this malaise. In the meantime, our department saw its employees changing into tentacled creatures at breakfast tables and sometimes even while they working at their computers.

We discovered that the deployment of the hostile could not be timed very precisely, so we had people working in tiny timed shifts with a large number of breaks. Most employees were happy at this, but our productivity took a hit.

We monitored some of our employees so we could wait for the hostiles to compromise one of them. We found that they would put the person to sleep, feed it the code in the form of an amorphous ball of genetic material, and then wake them up, wiping the memory of the event. Doing so, we traced the warehouse they were working from. We replaced their next batch of material with frozen beef.

Our employees started telling us that they had been getting a sudden taste of beef in their mouths. Thankfully, by the time the beef turned rancid and people started reporting sick, we had found a solution.