Dead Narratives

fatalsin333: here i am. ask away.

dangerman168: tell me about soul satan.

fatalsin333: you promise you wont reveal my “name”?

dangerman168: i promise. i’ll even let you read the final draft if you want to remove anything incriminating.

fatalsin333: thank you. i met her when i was 17. she was the “hophead” of the dorm. always “high”.

dangerman168: her? are we talking about the same person here?

fatalsin333: yeah yeah. shut up and listen.

back then she was called dubdub. she was fat and people only tolerated her because she supplied them with “stuff”.

and then one day she tells me that shes discovered this “drug” that litrally takes your mind into another dimension. she made the drug on her own.

you see actuall fucking proper visions. and the vision from the first trip is alway how youre gonna “die”.

and she said that she had a magic that could help you change the way you die. you need to keep taking the drug to “update” your death and make it so you die the way you “want” to.

she strated talking abt it around college. but no one took her “seriously”. she kept telling me it was because she was a “girl”. she said she would be a boy then evryone would beleive her.

then she dropped out and disappeared. when she returned, she was soul satan. the head of a “religion” and all that fuckshit.

dangerman168: did you ever meet him/her again?

fatalsin333: yeah once. i left a msg at the ashram for dubdub and asked her to meet me. we met at a coffe shop. mostly talked abt old times. ss wasnt keen on reveiling inside info anymore. i think she had decided that its better other people know “nothing”.

dangerman168: so you didn’t know about the massacre?

fatalsin333: not really. she just talked shit mostly. told me that being a guru was “damn cool”. she did tell me that they were working on something called “convergence-singularity narratives”. im guessing that was something to do with that?

dangerman168: heh. i think you’ve given me a title here. interesting person who calls a mass suicide a ‘narrative’.

fatalsin333: hmm. anything else?

dangerman168: well, not really, unless you can tell me something else. do keep in touch.

fatalsin333: no prblem. “youre welcome”. and do tell ss i said hi when you meet her.

dangerman168: excuse me?

fatalsin333: i mean soul satan.

dangerman168: yeah, i know that. but he’s dead.

fatalsin333: that wont stop her. dubdub always said endings were just mild inconveniences.

and if youre writing a book abt her, shes definitly gonna be interested. when you dream, try to keep a water pistol hidden in your shoe or something. just in case. shell keep her distance.

dangerman168: is there something you’re not telling me?

fatalsin333: nothing you need to know now. just one thing. dont call her dubdub. she hates that. :)