Command Zero

In the year 2150, it is a crime to be odd. Command Zero, a facility on a remote (artificial) island in the Indian Ocean, has been built to house the oddest of the lot.

There is a chicken who is a stand-up comedian and needs a psychotherapist. There is the woman with the head of a turnip who shits solid gold furniture every morning. There is the potato with a family. In the room beside him, there’s a piano who plays a pianist.

And there’s the man designated prisoners 7-14. He is kept in a cell made entirely of bulletproof glass. Every morning, a gun appears in his hand. He smiles at the warden, and he points the gun at the warden and shoots. Invariably, the bullet bounces off the glass and hits the man. The man dies. The body is thrown outside the facility, on a garbage heap designated Exhibits 7-14. Half an hour later, there is another man in the cell, who wakes up and walks around and is happy for a day. He talks, but never about his condition. He is eight different men with the same memories. And then the next morning, the gun returns.

Outside, on the garbage heap, every morning, eight crows fly down from thin air and feast on the new body’s flesh. If you look closely enough, you can see prisoners 7-14 in them. In 2150, choice is not an option.