He’s a menace, really. Last night, he was up on my roof. The police gathered and everything. Fire brigade and stuff. They had to get megaphones out because it’s a tall building. The fucking noise.

Well, he was interviewed on tv a few weeks ago. He’s a suicide negotiations addict. I heard that once, he actually wanted to commit suicide, and they brought in this negotiator who got him down, and the two of them got married. Then she died or she left him. Dunno for sure. So he stands up on roofs and talks to suicide negotiators.

No, they can’t take a chance, can they? What if he really decides to jump? Right now, he just has these long chats, always at a discreet distance. He’s kind of boring, actually. One would think he’d have stuff to say, yeah?

Well, even if she’s alive, they can hardly assign her to his case. What if she gives him a final no and he jumps. Or if she gets stuck with him for the rest of her life just in case. I wish I knew, though.

Oh yeah, he’s under therapy. I just think maybe it’s more of a hobby for him. Fucking people up. I wish we could read minds.