Possibly owing to a tribal curse, Matt H. flickered across time and space at random intervals. If he found himself in a total vacuum, at perhaps temperatures of over 4000 degrees centigrade, the curse kept him burning but alive. He would then arrive at his next destination, unhurt yet hurting.

One place and time he was returned to time and again was 71st century Mallorca, for ten days every year over a period of twenty years.

He met a girl called Sally Case who had moved there to investigate excessive travelpod emissions. The second time he came there, he courted her for ten days and bid her goodbye. She did not wait for him, but was single again when they next met. This time, she waited.

Every year, they would go out on town and have a ball. Each time, he looked as if he was thirty years old, which he was. Each time, she looked a year older, which she was.

In spite of his odd lifestyle, he managed to have an affair. He told her the next time they met. At the age of 57, Sally Case stopped waiting for Matt H.