Just keep drawing. Whether you draw to make them real or you draw to make them stick figures that you can manipulate. Draw them, capture them on the canvas and they stop haunting you.

The man smoking on the corner, who looks like he can kill you with a glance. Draw him so you don’t have to think of him as a family man. Whether he goes home and becomes boring, or whether he throws up in the toilet and sleeps there every Saturday. On the page, he will stay sexy.

On the page, humans can be future humans. They can be beyond feeling, beyond pain. Your pages can make people weep for the hate of it all. Only you know that you’re changing the ones on the page.

If they knew, they’d loathe you for it, but they should just be thanking you for making them exist. They aren’t real until you make them so.

And when they jump off the page and start talking to you as you hunch over the canvas, that’s when you know you’ve done it right. They will forget all that they were, and they will stay yours, to love and to persecute.