Rohan committed suicide three times, each incident creating a spasm that spread through parallel lifetimes like a stone creating ripples in a pond.

The first incident was a case of disgruntlement against the treatment of light by the public. To demonstrate the power of light, he killed himself during a laser experiment.

The second suicide was for more personal reasons. There was a rather lyrical note left on his desk, found by his father who showed it to the first Rohan three days before that one took his final step. There were some sentences about radiation that caught his fancy.

The third time Rohan died was much later. He was an artist interested in behavioural patterns, and his big masterpiece was about creating an exaggerated collation of his previous suicides. This suicide was an art exhibit, with a sardonic audience waiting to see what Rohan would achieve with his models. This suicide was seven-fold, assisted by an elaborate setup that would help him do it live without retakes. A handwritten early draft of the suicide note he issued as a programme now fetches obscene amounts of money in the black market.