A Little Protective

No, see, I know this is not the kind of love you’re used to. I’m just saying you won’t regret it.

Do you think they care for you? The ones who forget your birthday? The ones who aren’t there when you need them? The ones who think love is a four-letter word that only needs to be mentioned once in a while.

I offer you so much more.

I know that when you’re alone, you hug yourself to sleep. I know you cry a little when you see they aren’t there in the morning.

I know when you want your coffee refilled. I know when you want your taxes done. I know when you feel like killing your boss.

When you drift off to sleep while reading, I’ll remove your glasses and put a blanket over you. I’ll be there when all your friends are too busy to come out.

I’ll give you everything you need but can’t talk to anyone about.

I just want you to pretend the cameras aren’t there. Is that too much to ask?