A Cure for Cancer

Ali and his team found the cure for cancer buried deep underground. They had been on an archaeological dig, and that had not been on the agenda. Along with it, they found the last three millilitres of a potion for happiness, and a beetle that gave you eternal virility if you swallowed it live. The beetle was dead.

Ali wished to conduct research into the civilisation that begat these, but his bosses decided that it would be beneficial for all parties (that is, them), if the whole thing was hushed up and the items placed in the artefact black market.

Ali battled with his emotions for some time, and then he stole the items and ran away. He planned to give the cancer cure to someone who would use it to do good, but before that, he had to hide himself away till such a time when his bosses stopped looking for him.

Weeks later, the authorities found his body in a small cottage far into the forest. He had starved to death, but he had a blissful smile on his face, with the cure for cancer lying at his feet, and an empty vial clasped to his chest.