J is sweaty. He can feel the man’s gaze upon him and wonders if the sweat makes him look sexy or rubbery.

He tries to start his phone a final time before he takes off his trousers. Nothing. He asked the man if he had a charger, but the phone and it weren’t compatible.

The man pushes J back on the bed and rubs his cock through his underpants. J supports himself on his elbow and thinks of his sister lying ill in bed. He was supposed to get her meds an hour ago. He wonders if she’s okay.

The man lowers J’s underpants and nuzzles his cock, runs his teeth along it. What’s her number? J thinks. 80733 … 421 … What? 75? No.

The nuzzling gets heavier and heavier. J pushes up in response. 34. No. 98? Fuck no. 56? No, fuck, no. God. Oh god.

Just as J’s about to come, he suddenly pushes the man back and screams, “28! 28!”

“What?! What the fuck?” the man says.

“We’ll get back to that,” J says with a sheepish smile. “28. Could I use your phone for a minute?”