Daily Fiction

Daily Fiction was a project I did for around a year and a half starting 2010. A story every weekday for a year, with occasional hiatuses, that would take us to a total of 250 stories. That was the plan.

Life got busy, the hiatuses got longer and longer, and the site ground to a halt at 229 stories. Then my lease on dailyfiction.net ran out, and for the next two years, all the stories sat in a database backup on my computer, until now, when the stories in all their somewhat tarnished, hurriedly written glory have been put up here. I haven’t edited them, apart from correcting typos and formatting, and stripping comments, tags etc. They’re all up here, even the ones that make me cringe.

All the stories are accessible via the omnibus links in the sidebar (which would be at the bottom if you’re reading this on a phone), and you can also browse through both my own favourites and the most popular stories.

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