This is an excellent write-up by Connor Kilpatrick on Man of Steel which actually enumerates a lot of reasons why I liked Batman v. Superman (wasn’t a big fan of Man of Steel).

Dan Berry is putting up his out-of-print comics to read for free. Here are Hey You, The End and After We Shot the Grizzly.

I just realised this Design Matters interview with Ben Schott is a couple of years old, but I only heard it this week, and it’s excellent. He’s articulate, erudite, and quite, quite funny.

Song Exploder is a fantastic podcast that I try to listen to without distractions. I loved the recent one with Busdriver talking about ‘Worlds to Run’.

I also recently came across the excellent video for Chet Faker’s ‘Gold’, which reminded me that he was on Song Exploder recently talking about it.