Go Fund: Linda Medley and Castle Waiting

Linda Medley has been making Castle Waiting since 1994. Written and drawn (and occasionally coloured) by her, and lettered mostly by Todd Klein, Castle Waiting is one of my absolute favourite comics.

It is stunningly drawn, and the writing has wit, emotion, and a sense of infectious joy. Most stories I read tend to affect me on an aesthetic or formal level, but Castle Waiting is an exception in that it gets me in the heart, and seemingly effortlessly.

But of course, making such a comic takes a lot of work, and recently this has been difficult for Medley, which is why she’s set up a GoFundMe page to get some financial support – not only to work on her book, but to help her with some important real-life stuff. From her campaign page:

Several years ago I was diagnosed with severe cervical spondylosis as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, and took some time off from creating artwork to rest, and adapt to new modes of working. Now I’m currently hard at work on Castle Waiting Volume 3 and hope to have the first 150-page installment ready for publication next year … but I’ll need your financial help to be able to continue working on it.

I am raising funds to help cover my living and ongoing physical therapy expenses for the next year. I will be losing my present living situation in the next month, and currently don’t have enough to get into a new place. I really want to continue working on Castle Waiting and desperately need a secure home – and the peace of mind that comes with it! – to do so.

So far, between the GoFundMe page and her Patreon page, she has received enough to cover three months’ worth of living expenses, but she could use more.

If you’d like to know more about Castle Waiting, you can watch the video on her campaign page and also read snippets from the comic at the Facebook page, including an excerpt from one of my favourite Castle Waiting stories – Wilgeforte (which she had originally posted in full, free to read, last Women’s Day).

I urge you to help out a marvellous comic-book creator currently in need.

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