Game: Lifeline

I played Lifeline back when it was first released (in 2015, I believe) and intended to write about it back then, but forgot.

The game came back to me when I recommended it to a friend, and she asked me, “Which one?” – turns out 3-Minute Games have released six more games based on the same concept since I played the first one, and a seventh is on the way.

The first Lifeline was written by Dave Justus (I believe he’s written or supervised every game since) and has you playing yourself, communicating with an astronaut called Taylor who’s stranded on an alien moon. You are the only person Taylor has been able to connect with, and you are Taylor’s lifeline.

You receive Taylor’s communiques in text, and you’re given two options every time Taylor needs to make a choice.

I rather enjoyed the game, especially the “real-time” aspect of it (for example, when Taylor goes to sleep, the game pauses for whatever duration before Taylor wakes up again), and I’d most certainly recommend it.

I recently downloaded Lifeline: Whiteout when it was Apple’s ‘Free App for the Week’ and have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself back into this horror-tinged sf world, with the new character Adams. On the other hand, I have sucked donkey balls at playing it.

When I played the first Lifeline, I practically sailed through it, arriving at (what I later found out was) not just a happy ending, but the happiest ending available in the game (like any decent character-based game, Lifeline has multiple available endings). On the other hand, I’ve been playing Whiteout for just two days and have killed Adams five times. FIVE.

However, Whiteout’s also managed to genuinely freak me out once or twice – I think it’s a bit more in my wheelhouse.

In any case, I’m still playing Whiteout, and will then proceed to the handy Lifeline library app (in which you get Lifeline: Silent Night – the third Taylor game, I think – for free as a promo).

This is good stuff, especially at a dollar a piece. Recommended.