Fancy Redesign

I’m planning to redesign my portfolio in the next couple of months. I get the itch to work with CSS once in a while, but I will try not make this one about that (that’s reserved for whenever I have the time to put all my old comics online).

The current portfolio was cobbled together at speed to replace the PDF I’d been sending around to prospective clients. The site needed to handle a basic presentation of the important bit – the samples – plus a little bit of personality – the header, in this case.

I remember telling Nitin I wanted a little avatar with which I could declare something about lettering, and the cartoon at the top was in my inbox the next day. We idly chatted about adding a cat at my feet, and maybe doing multiple headers I could rotate through, but it’s been almost a year, and neither has materialised (although I’ve seen glimpses of the cat in Nitin’s sketchbook).

One impulse is to go the minimalist route, like this blog. Everything inessential is gone and there’s minimal need for hierarchy. Everything fancy disappears or goes under-the-hood (in this blog’s case, that’s categories and a couple of subtle javascript animations).

The other impulse is to go the whole hog with animations and sliders and screens that appear as if from the heavens, and to generally try and impress the fuck out of the viewer with the amount of work you’ve put into what’s getting on the screen.

Right now, the portfolio’s stuck uncomfortably in the middle, and I’d like to pluck it out of its current miserable state.

I’d like to keep the header, or something like it that helps the site not look too po-faced (I work in comics, after all). And I want to do something about the gallery mechanism (currently just functional) that makes the browsing a bit more fun, and maybe enable the viewer to zoom in and out of the pages with some grace.

I want to add a couple of other things – such as samples of the fonts I’m working on, and maybe a ticker that shows just the latest releases I’ve worked on – that would not fit into current site at all.

If anyone has any ideas (assuming people are reading this and not clicking on the referral links out of pity), please let me know. Any guidance would be appreciated.*

* I use WordPress, and will continue to do so if it kills me. Okay, that’s a bit extreme. Till it discombobulates me mildly, let’s say. Please take that into account.